The one who left

I was thinking that in the Yin and Yang of relationships, we truly do not deserve the one who left.

There were countless times that you promised me you are SURE. You won't wake up someday not wanting me anymore. You convinced me to buy you ticket to my dreams but I noticed that you didn't pack your bags. Well I have complicated dreams, and there are lots of "to bring" list.

However, I packed for you and brought stuff that we may need. I told myself, maybe you can decide what to wear in the promised trip. I got it all prepared.

It was a rainy afternoon when I arrived at the station. I waited until 11PM. We missed countless successions. Until I decided to board alone.

You weren't coming. But If you ever decide to come back and find me, promise me darling that you won't ever leave again.


  1. awh.. Welcome to club of single not so hopeless romantics. Hope to be reading more from you naman :)


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