The stranger in my heart

Dear Stranger,

Today I watched your birthday video when I was browsing the media on my phone. I am practically a BUM, not doing anything and got a million thoughts playing. I felt that you're new to me. It's been couple of months since the last time I kissed you tenderly. It's been weeks since the last time my eyes glanced at your beauty. I felt different. It's like I never knew you at all.

You wiped your eyes before you blew your cake, paused for like twenty seconds while smiling (making a wish?) then you killed the spark of the candles. That smile was unfamiliar to me. It's like I never saw you smile. The way you moved your hands is like of a wanderer. It's like you never embraced me at all. The way you looked at the people around is alien to me. It's like I never bonded with you... with a crowd.

Just not a long ago, you were the only person I knew. I danced in the tune of your music. I sang a million songs to please your ears. I knew you very well... so well that I forgot that we coexist with other living organisms on earth and even grasshoppers need air. You polluted my soul. You conquered my languorous heart. 

Hey Stranger! You left your image in my heart, but my mind already forgot who you were and myself is incognizant of who you are now.




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