When we're hurt

When we're hurt or been hurt, we always retaliate. I am not sure if this is always true. If there is someone out there who can easily forgive then I would like to be friends with him or her. Life is full of broken things. Broken self, broken relationships, broken mirrors and broken iPhone screens. The most difficult thing to do is to be morally above all perpetrators. It's like doing bur-pees that rapidly vanishes away all extra weights.

I can imagine how someone would like to kill if their loved ones are being murdered. Getting even is the most instant reaction of all people being hurt. We want to take revenge. We want to hurt them back, at least the same or more than what they have caused us. It's being human. On the other hand, not doing anything with the situation of hurt is called being "Godly."

I became abusive, emotionally and physically at some point in my life. I am revealing this secret now without any shame. I was abused too. This is something that we normally do not discuss. We were hurt, we hurt them back. We lash out. Hurt is like LOVE. It won't go away immediately, especially if the root cause of the hurt and pain keeps on bearing fruits. Tendency is we garden the pain with our green thumb. We feel morbidly insecure, we feel unimportant and unloved. And so, we flood the perpetrators back with overflowing tides of HURT.

I am no better than the person or the people that hurt me. I am standing with them in an evenly moral grounds. I am praying hard to be better than them. I would want to bless them with forgiveness when they hurt me again. Pray for them that they maybe enlightened with the truth. 

This is what I want. This is what I will work hard for my future. It will be a new me! I will do unlimited bur-pees until my body gets exhausted. After all, I am throwing things from my excess baggage.


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