Show hidden anger

It's been a great lengthy sleep.

I lost weight.
I had a fantastic dream which feels real. I cried and laughed in my sleep.
I've met new people. Wonderful people that makes me feel belonged.
I have moved forward.

Until I woke up.

I woke up on sheets of anger.

Love is my blanket but my sheets are rage.

It's you who made me feel low.

It's you who put me in a situation where:

I loathe myself.
I lost few friends.
I was bullied by a fat and gluttonous religious pig.
I sealed myself inside a canister of  doubt where it's hard to trust again.

I'm gonna sleep again.

It's not that I am getting soft again. It's because I wanna sleep and wake up in a world without your shadow.

I prefer to have blanket made in anger but underneath are sheets of love.


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