False Alarm

Should the heart feel despair when it thought that it beats for you?

You - who offered matters that never existed before.

You - who asked for my whereabouts, how have I been, how was my day?

You- who was a proxy of my lost love.

You - who covered me blanket of safe keeping until I fell asleep with a smile.

The heart spent a lot of time thinking, until the mind took over the responsibility that the heart shouldn't suppose to do in the first place.

The heart continued to crawl underneath a narrow space where great souls are floating, until it beats no more. I can no longer hear it shouting your name.

There is no scientific explanation as to why this occurrence happens in the deep shit of emotions.

The mind has a dual role in this phenomena. A defense council that objects and a Judge that overrules it.

Meanwhile, the heart is a mute suspect that is so helpless. It sends signals.

But the signal is a False Alarm.


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