Thursday, December 22, 2016

Last Christmas

Photo Credits: The Frisky

B: I'll be home for Christmas for 2 weeks, what are your plans?

A: I'm planning to go home also but only stay for a week. I need to finish my project at work.

B: It will be Christmas soon. Your family must have missed you. So I won't see you in 2 weeks.

Two weeks is already the longest that we were separated, within our almost 4 year old tie-up. I missed A, during that time. There was a very strong force that made my heart explode when we were not together that Yuletide season. It also made my mind think of A almost every time of the day. I must have loved A so much.

A: How are you? I am very busy here. I invited some friends over. I cooked dinner for them.

My alter ego spoke to me when I received that message. Why would you cook dinner for these specific set of friends? Whenever I invite friends over, most of the time I was the only one to cook and prepare. You entertain them. I was praised by the good dishes I prepared. I am also longing for that special Samaritan act that maybe one day, you will wake up and cook for me without any reason at all. You did, a lot of times, but not consistently or shall I say way before when we were new.
My thoughts told me that the A I knew has already changed.

I felt alone when I was with A. The frost bit me. I had no food. The pierces has numbed my heart.

B to B: I will hammer you with the big truth B. A has changed. A was very busy the past months spending time with new friends. A has been ignoring you numerous times now. A has taken you for granted.
I pretermit the idea that B told me. My spirit kept on being crashed like it's being minced carefully by the blades of fate. I kept on asking, why? and how has this happened to us?

Although there were really no concrete answers that the deities communicated to me. The answers are now so clear. It's not Juju, but it's fate.

This was our last Christmas.

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