You're like a sunshine that brighten up my darkest days, and yes it's a cliche. It's cheesy. Anger filled hearts may deemed it as a waste of time to even discuss this little crush but hey, it adds to the glow. (Insert blushing smiley).

C: What do you like about me?

B: You're cute. You're fun to be with. I am interested to go deep and to know you better. I may not have the knowledge about the things that comprises you. But hey, my eyes and ears are ready. It's ready to see your totality and ready to listen to your story.

C: No Reaction.

I felt that there is little hope in your response. Like if I were a Vampire, I would have heard your heartbeat at that moment. Is it in a rush or is it conforming to standards? I also wonder how it feels like hearing that someone you like also likes you. That the person would be the one who tells it to you first. Maybe the past indicates that I am more of the risk taker compare to the idiots that I liked before. (Insert wicked smiley).

Just you let you know C, my dream wedding is a beach wedding whereby we would be surrounded by beach rocks and all the mermaids in the ocean would sing and the seagulls would gather in the high air to form a heart shape in celebration of our union. I want to give you a big hug and kiss you gently after we're being proclaimed. I know I can take care of you, until the time no longer succours our happiness.

I will see you around C. I hope one day, I'd have the courage to tell you how I feel.

Maybe I felt this before, or maybe not. There's only one thing I know, It feels unfamiliar with you.


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