I think it's going to rain today

Weeks ago...

I was thinking what shall I do later on a day when everyone gets busy with the holidays. I was ceaselessly thinking of you. Were you happy? Did you have company? Maybe if we spend time together today, there will be two less lonely people on earth. My psyche kept on producing ideas. My imagination sauntered in its' optimum.

I needed to do something. Not being with you on this special day is a complete balderdash. The day was special anyway. I had to be with someone special.

We talked, updated each other of our whereabouts. There's still formality. Easeness is yet to come. I closed my eyes and thought of a place where we are sitting together on a bench where the background paint is scintillating, talking about how our life has been and our individual plans.

We were meeting at about 6 in the evening. I was enlivened, took a bath and got extra conscious in my appearance. Every vein in my system was rejoicing. My eyes and my heart were united. At last, a moment with you alone.

It was half an hour before 6, I blithely moved my ass from the couch, went to the bus stop and patiently killed time before the bus has arrived.

When I boarded the bus, the sky went gray. Thunders and lightning roared concertedly. My heart beat went fast. I can smell your shadow in a distance.

"I think it's going to rain today." I thought. 


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