On battle grounds

It's like I used straitjackets to fasten you up in the warmth of my love. You were choked. You hated me. Your life suddenly got limited being with me. You found a way to escape. You were freed by someone who you think is better than me. I just don't know if you're happy now. I wish you are, because I am now.

It's been almost a year, but it felt like centuries that I am apathetic to that chapter in my life.

I am busy. I am inspired. 

I feel loved by the people that surrounds me now. 

There's a lot of silence penetrating the war in my mind, behind the colossal noise of the city. Until peace has taken over. The soldier has finally taken a rest. 

He was tired of the constant battle that went on for so long and eaten his sanity. 

He slept. He regained his clear vision of reality. 

He is thirsty.

I am recharged now. Ready to face another battle. 

In the midst of taking my first steps as a newly trained soldier, I found myself taking the same trail going to the same terrain.

The soldier has encountered the same sets of enemies. Then the commander interrogated the soldier.

"Do you have enough firearms? Ammos? Granades?"

"Are you realy fit for a hand to hand combat?"

The soldier smelled another war. It's again disturbing. It's again frightening.

The soldier is yet to raise the white flag. He must take a fall first.


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