The Cook's Speech

Hi Everyone, to the family and friends of K and to the people on the other side of the room. I apologize if you will have to bear with a story that may you've heard already during my wedding, but this is K's wedding and it's normal that his bestfriend will sound emotional.I met K during the hot and humid summer of 2006, we were both interested in playing Tennis. I was introduced to him by a colleague who hooked me up at this Saturday Tennis sessions in a friend's fancy condo and we were the only beginners in class. I immediately became friends with him. We both learned the right skills overtime and since then, there was never a Saturday in my life that I am without K.Every after Tennis sessions, we would hang out in my place and I would cook Adobo for him. I know that I can cook but for K, my dishes became special. He would always say how delicious my adobo is and he tagged it as one of the best adobo that he tasted in his lifetime. There were Saturdays that I would cook other dishes for him but he would always look for my Adobo. People, do not think that I am a martyr because K would always treat me my favorite cafe Americano after eating that Adobo.(Loud laugh from crowd...)K and I would talk about life, our dreams and achievements. We love to make this "payabangan" sessions, like I would brag that I was class valedictiorian in High School and he would brag about being the champion in Badminton Singles. K is a well rounded guy. He is mayabang only to the people he is close with. He is very modest to acquaintances. he is very helpful to thiose who are in need. One time when I was driving our way home, a poor boy selling Kropeks knocked at my car window during traffic. K immediately bought all the boy's goodies however, did not take it. He told the boy to eat all the kropeks because he paid everything already, that the boy can go home a study. As someone who hated the poverty in our country, I do not patronize the kids selling goods on streets most especially the beggars. But these actions by my best friend, had made me open my softness towards everything in my advantage. It made me count my blessings and realize how lucky I am. K and I also spent out of the country trips. We love eating their local food but whenever we get back, he would always ask me to cook Adobo, sometimes it's irritating, because my sister doesn;t like my Adobo but he does.This routine went on until K met M. I want to tell M that you're a very lucky individual to have met K, and K is also very lucky to have met you. I know that you guys dated quite shortly before getting married, but hey I dated my husband shorter than you guys did. K suddenly lost his way M, K loves you so much. Do not hurt him. He doesn't know how to be angry, I hope you know. he would make tampo but never did K had a hard heart for something. He likes learning new hobbies, like now I believe he is pursuing wall climbing. K loves company and I know M you can adjust. K is the type of person who appreciates even the smallest beautiful things, that's why to him, you are a very special rose that can never lose any petals and He is the Beast. (Crowd Chuckles)I will let you know the secret of my Adobo, so that K can let me go.With a bucketful of Adobo in the table, I want to raise a toast before we commence eating. Let's celebrate the union of K and M.Cheers!


It was a painful speech that I am letting my best friend and the love of my life go. But this is my fault that I didn't tell him that deep in my heart, I was the one who's supposed to walk down that aisle with him.


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