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To the one that I didn't see before

I lit a cigarette and sat on a high bench while staring at the busy lights of the business district from our rooftop. It was a silent night  and I'm not worried that my coffee would turn cold quickly because it's as humid as hell today. Millions of thoughts have attacked my sanity. I do not have peace. It's been like this for many years now. I also thought that maybe, it's because my brain can process more thoughts than an average human being. This is perhaps how I am created. I'll put a period on that sentence.

I closed my eyes and had visions of my moments with J. It was like flickering lights showing different snippets as it flickers. The first vision is this.

J and I are having coffee in our favorite place at the not so busy part of the Lion City, just like our regular weekly routine few years ago. We speak of life. We discuss small things like how to replace dripping faucets, replacing car wheels and why do people requests for thigh part when ordering Chicken…

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